Tuesday, 10 December 2013

LTE Testing: Changing the Perspective of Telecom Backhaul

In growing edge of Telecommunication industry, it has become tough job to maintain integrity and consistency of telecom services. Top telecom service providers are failing to maintain their deliverable to their potential customers. This time it has become one of major concern for the operators and service providers. They are not able to identify reasons of their faults. Here I would like to share my personal perspective, I think those service providers who are really going to down and still they are adopting traditional way. This is only the cause of their failures nothing else. They should implement a reliable telecom solution and deploy services from the reputed solution providers.

Only deployment and implementation is not the solution, it needs testing of infrastructure and resources. There are plethora consultant moving around the market, please do not deploy their services without testing. Now days LTE is 4th generation of communication industry, where data speed of transmission 10 times faster than previous one. Mobile operators can use testing platform to test the performance of the infrastructure and equipment efficiency. LTE speed test processes ensure deployment and sustain efficiency and capacity for spectrum, for the million subscribers. Mobile operators are keen to ensure performance by conducting LTE testing. LTE core network is only the way to communicate smartly.

LTE Testing can perform in two ways:

Network Testing Service- LTE network infrastructure can be tested using the testing tool like “TOP Testing Suite”. It directly ensures the performance of the network infrastructure.

Device Testing Service- In LTE core network, equipment takes place so the testing of every part of device is one key step. It ensures the device functionality status.

LTE performance can measure with the below listed network elements

1.             Data rate and throughput
2.             Signaling
3.             Audio Quality
4.             Multiple Antennas
5.             Interoperability

“Top testing suite” is one of the best suggestive tools for operators and service providers. They could test the performance as well as the infrastructure related issues. Diameter testing, PCRF Testing, GGSN Testing, SGSN Testing and OCS Testing Services could perform easily. In a later overview, 65 percent of cell phone holders said it is sensible to want "exceptional execution constantly" from their versatile information supplier, and 35 percent normally accuse the portable administration supplier when there is an issue with an application. In this period of elevated customer desires, particularly on abundantly built up Lte systems, the need for exhaustive testing can't be exaggerated.


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