Tuesday, 7 January 2014

MVNO Solution to Enhance Subscriber Base!

In growing demand of subscribers, it is quite complex to deliver seamless user experience. Most MNO and MVNOs are facing difficulty to cater the services, and they try different-different practices only to deliver. Mobile network operators are not able to deliver services seamlessly to end users so they decide to resell the spectrum license to third party and we know them as MVNO (virtual network operators).

MVNO solution in a white box is prominent and effective to manage the subscriber’s data. Actually virtual network operators can set their own tariff plans and get profit form their own way. If you want to become MVNO and also want to deliver services, you can contact to MVNO solution providers and can set your agreement for specific time period. Mobile operators always fail to find right partnership, especially when it comes to virtual operators. There are many mobile virtual network operators who are delivering services seamlessly. But few of them are fraud; they might commit for great services but fail to deliver.

To become a good MVNO need to show the potential for big subscriber base, like if you show 10, 00000 customers, then you be the better off for mobile operators and finally get the approval for the MVNE. MVNO solution is only the way to enhance subscriber’s base and it can enable to operators to analyze the performance of whole telecom business. It is very helpful to take decisions in terms of subscriptions and account related.

MVNO Solution Capabilities:
  • Subscriptions Management
  • Accounts Management
  • Billing Data Management
  • Vouchers Management
  • Phone Number Management
  • SIM Card Management

Solution enables operators to build robust and innovative services that leverage the benefits and magnify standard of the organization at fraction of time and cost. All above management services can handle easily through MVNO solution, without any hurdles. Operators can manage their complete business structure and management in just in a box. The Solution cut the cost of the organization and helps to deliver great subscriber base.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Diameter Testing Tools to Prevent Network Issues & To Deliver Consolidated User Experience!

As we know telecom market is spreading day to day, and it is converging in technological evolve, testing of product must be activity now days for the quality assurance. CSPs are failing to deliver seamless user experience to their end users and it is damaging reputation as well. It has become one of big concerns for operators and vendors. Still they are fighting for proper and right solution.

Testing services are most challenging and critical job, while traditional network data deploy into 4G network. CSPs are facing problems to measure the performance of the diameter. They are not still able to identify the performance issues of the network and cause of that they are spending too much time on research. In the critical situation they should have a tool that can identify faults of network and inform them accordingly.

Diameter testing platforms are playing big role to deliver great user experience. There are plethora service providers in market, but only few of them are reliable and trustable. This is also a big challenge to identify the right partners. Most CSPs are now hiring agencies to remove network issues, and investing huge amount of money on it. This can directly impact on profitability of the organization.

Now, the time has come for the testing tools which can identify the issues easily and resolve just in clicks.  This provides relax to operators, because they can focus their business without investing time and money on faults. When telecom operators deploy the 4G network, encounter many problems, which can only resolve using telecom testing tools.

Testing tools directly help you to deliver high quality user experience and maintain performance throughout the process. If you are really seeking a great service provider, and you think testing tool can help you, make sure the performance of the partner. Before initiating to get premium membership or buy testing tool, please track the past records of the partner. It can help you to take a good decision.

Highlights for Diameter Testing Tool:
  1. Should Deliver Test Plans Simultaneously
  2. Must Support Multi Platforms
  3. User Friendly GUI
  4. Deliver Customize & Proper Reports
  5. Flexible to Create Scenarios
  6. Easy Protocol Scripts
  7. Verify Capabilities of Network Nodes
  8. Easy to Navigate without Technological Knowledge of CSPs

If diameter platform are having all above mentioned capabilities and qualities, no doubt you should deploy it without rethink.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

LTE Testing: Changing the Perspective of Telecom Backhaul

In growing edge of Telecommunication industry, it has become tough job to maintain integrity and consistency of telecom services. Top telecom service providers are failing to maintain their deliverable to their potential customers. This time it has become one of major concern for the operators and service providers. They are not able to identify reasons of their faults. Here I would like to share my personal perspective, I think those service providers who are really going to down and still they are adopting traditional way. This is only the cause of their failures nothing else. They should implement a reliable telecom solution and deploy services from the reputed solution providers.

Only deployment and implementation is not the solution, it needs testing of infrastructure and resources. There are plethora consultant moving around the market, please do not deploy their services without testing. Now days LTE is 4th generation of communication industry, where data speed of transmission 10 times faster than previous one. Mobile operators can use testing platform to test the performance of the infrastructure and equipment efficiency. LTE speed test processes ensure deployment and sustain efficiency and capacity for spectrum, for the million subscribers. Mobile operators are keen to ensure performance by conducting LTE testing. LTE core network is only the way to communicate smartly.

LTE Testing can perform in two ways:

Network Testing Service- LTE network infrastructure can be tested using the testing tool like “TOP Testing Suite”. It directly ensures the performance of the network infrastructure.

Device Testing Service- In LTE core network, equipment takes place so the testing of every part of device is one key step. It ensures the device functionality status.

LTE performance can measure with the below listed network elements

1.             Data rate and throughput
2.             Signaling
3.             Audio Quality
4.             Multiple Antennas
5.             Interoperability

“Top testing suite” is one of the best suggestive tools for operators and service providers. They could test the performance as well as the infrastructure related issues. Diameter testing, PCRF Testing, GGSN Testing, SGSN Testing and OCS Testing Services could perform easily. In a later overview, 65 percent of cell phone holders said it is sensible to want "exceptional execution constantly" from their versatile information supplier, and 35 percent normally accuse the portable administration supplier when there is an issue with an application. In this period of elevated customer desires, particularly on abundantly built up Lte systems, the need for exhaustive testing can't be exaggerated.